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The Texas Hotel is located on the Mtkvari River, in the western part of Tbilisi (not far from the US Embassy).
The hotel is fully compliant with European standards. The original architectural style and impressive environment remind the United States of the XIX century.
Comfortable rooms, including standard and deluxe, are equipped with high standards.
The hotel is fully equipped with satellite television, wireless Internet access and international telephone.
The hotel also has a sauna, as well as the famous bar of the famous 19th century in Texas (USA). Hotel Texas offers breakfast for guests. You can also make preliminary orders for Georgian and European dishes from natural products.
The hotel has a unique wine cellar, where the most diverse Georgian wines are protected. Wine and national tasting dishes for tourists.
In addition, on request, you can arrange tours to any part of Georgia.



Hotel "Texas" will create ideal conditions for rest!


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Tours in Georgia


Air conditioning




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Wine tasting


Wireless Internet Wi-Fi


Conference hall


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Airport Transfer


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Free car parking



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