3-day tour of one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia in Tusheti.

Number of applicants: 7-14-21 ... Person  


Duration of the tour: 3 days - 2 nights.

Place of gathering: Hotel "Texas"



1 day

Alaverdi Temple

Bath Pass (2950 m above sea level)

Omalo (Family Guest)

Shenako (sea level 2008 m.)


Omalo (back to hotel)

2) day

Old Omalo (Keselo's towers)

Dartlo (the best example of Tushetian architecture)




Omalo (back to hotel)

3) Day

Bochorana (the highest point in Europe, 2345 m)

Dochu (according to the legend that in this village the children were told to chain so that they could not get out of the rock)

The graviton

Departure to Tbilisi


Tour price:

1 person 250 GEL. Overnight in a family hotel with 2 meals a day. Individual bathroom

1 person 230 GEL. Overnight in a family hotel with 2 meals a day. Common bathroom

1 person is 210 GEL. Overnight in a guesthouse without eating. Individual bathroom

1 person is 190 lari. Overnight in a guesthouse without eating. Common bathroom

1 person is 130 GEL.

In case of booking total 900 GEL + Hotel cost.

The price includes:

Transport with 7 + 1-seat comfortable mini (MITSUBISHI DELICA 4X4)

Overnight in a family hotel with 2 meals a day

Experienced driver -


To consider the factor:

Pork meat in the Tusheti and eating is prohibited!


Required outfit:

Convenient sports shoes and clothing


Is prohibited:

Smoke and alcohol get in the car

Do not pollute the environment

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