3-day tour to one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia in Svaneti

Number of tourists: 7-14-21 ... person 


Duration of the tour: 3-day 2-night

Place of gathering: Hotel "Texas"



1 day

Enguri reservoir

Located in Mestia in a family hotel

We will welcome Mestia Cathedral

Mestia Ethnographic Museum

M. Khergiani and Margi House Museum


2) day

Love tower

Kvirike and Ivlita Temple (Village Kala)

Ushguli Ethnographic Museum

Lamaria (Church of the Virgin Mary)


3) Day

Resort Hatsvali (we will shoot and take pictures of the beautiful pictures of Mestia and Tetnuldi)

In the village of Latal we will celebrate the ancient temples of the Savior and Iona the prophet

Dadiani Palace (Zugdidi)

Departure to Tbilisi


Tour price:

150 lari (transport + handling service)

200 GEL (transportation + handling service and accommodation in the guesthouse)

In case of booking the total cost of the tour is 1050 GEL + the cost of a shot is 50 GEL per person.

The price includes:

Transport with 7 + 1-seat comfortable mini (MITSUBISHI DELICA 4X4)

Locate in a hotel

Experienced driver


The price does not include:

Entrance tickets for rope and museums

Nutrition (Traditional Svarian Trapeze +10 Lari)


Required outfit:

Convenient sports and warm shoes and clothes


Is prohibited:

Smoke and alcohol get in the car

Do not pollute the environment

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