3-day tour of one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia in Adjara

Number of passengers: 7-14-21 ... Personnel  


  Type: Cultural, Cognitive. 
Transport: Motor Vehicle, Micro-Bus, Bus. 
Duration: 3 Days 
Meals: A two-way 
tour can be changed according to your wish. 
See also: Batumi, Batumi Boulevard, Port, Ajaristskali Gorge, Tamar King's Arch Bridge, Makhuntseti Waterfall, Gonio Fortress, Adjarian Wine House, Botanical Garden, Museum of Adjara Autonomic Museum, Dolphinarium. 
Tour Program: 
I Day: 
Breakfast in the morning and departure to Batumi, accommodation in the Batumi hotel, dinner, city view: Old and new boulevard, port, fairy mountain, dancing fountains, tasting the best dishes of Adjarian cuisine at restaurant, evening city, overnight in hotel.
II Day: After 
breakfast drive to Upper Adjara, visit Tamar King's arch bridge, Makhuntseti waterfall, ethnographic museum of Keda, dinner, return to Batumi, Gonio fortress, visit to Adjarian wine house, local wine grape wine tasting in Georgian wine and Dinner. 
III Day: After 
breakfast you will visit the Botanical Garden, Museum of Knowledge Museum, Dinner, After Dolphinarium and return to Tbilisi, rest on the road and dine. 

Batumi is Georgia's oldest and strategic city, which has about two and a half years of history. Batumi has one of the deepest and most convenient sea ships on the Black Sea. It is an important maritime transport node. At the same time Batumi is one of the most popular holiday places on the Black Sea coast. Here is a high class modern hotel. The city is famous for its botanical garden, dolphinarium, boulevard, dancing fountain and permanent green leisure parks. The city attracts visitors throughout the season where there are many vacation and entertainment complexes, museums, where many historic and artistic patterns are kept. Exhibitions, concerts and festivals are held regularly. There are several shrines and shrines of various religions in the city. Renovated Batumi is one of the most demanded tourist places in Georgia. 
History of Batumi Boulevard starts from 1881. The last time the area of the boulevard has grown significantly and its length reaches 7 km. The modern architecture was designed by the architect of the Spanish architect. New Boulevard. There are many exotic restaurants and a café-bar, aquapark, a variety of attractions, sports complex, dancing colored fountains, and a luxury wedding house. There are many modern and old sculptures in Boulevard. The clean beach is located on the boulevard coastline.The boulevard has the richest vegetable cover with a shady alley with perennial plants where grill in hot weather. In the recent years, the boulevard is intensive and intensive. 
The Batumi Port was built in 1878. Connecting the railway with Batumi Baku has become a major hub of foreign trade. The port is equipped with the latest technologies and technologies. The port has an oil terminal, container terminal and a sanatorium complex for lorries, dry cargo terminal, passenger terminal - marine port, built in 1962. The Batumi Sea Port was historically considered to be a logistics center of the Caucasus region. The location of the port, high quality service and low tariffs leads to a great deal of international transports. 

The arched bridge of Queen Tamar is the innovative engineering structure of that time. The bridge has a strong damping cameras. Kamar Mali is 17.5 m. It is built using flour. The stairs are taken out of rock. Despite the 800 years of the bridge, the bridge is still functioning today, and the population is still using this bridge. Such old bridges are quite ample in Adjara water, Dandalo and Skhalta bridges near Makhuntseti Bridge. 

Gonio Fortress is one of the most popular tourist attractions. In addition to the fortress, visitors are attracted by legend about Argonauts. According to one of the versions of the Golden Fleece, the Colchians were fighting against the Greeks and buried with the east wall of the Colchis ruler's fortress in the battle. That's why the Fortress Apsaros was known since the 12th century. Gonio has been well fortified and well-equipped castle-city. In the fortress there were found buildings of I-III centuries: baths, barracks, preorium, sewage and water systems etc. In 1994 the museum-reserve was founded in the renewed museum. The museum presents various periodic material found in archaeological excavations. The museum has a specialized library. 
"Adjarian Wine House" prepares wine with Georgian and European technologies from Chkhaveri and Tsolikauri picked up in mountainous Adjara. Vazi is grown in 1200 meters (upper margin) from sea level in Adjara. The wines produced here are "Tsolikauri" and "Chkhaveri" in popularity both in Georgian and foreign consumers. The local variety Chkhaveri is made of which is made of pink wine with a very soft, harmonious bouquet and is characterized by a variety of aroma. In addition to dry wines, a semi-sweet table wine can be installed. Chkhaveri was one of Stalin's favorite wines.

The Botanical Garden is located in the north of Batumi, where a rich collection of tropical and subtropical flora is present. The florist's wealth of garden is collected in 9 phyto-geographical divisions according to plant origin. The collection of garden consists of 2037 taxonomic units, 104 of them are Caucasian origin, and 1540 taxon is represented by different flora of foreign origin. From the establishment of the Botanical Garden, a garden hepararium was created, which is included in the International Herbariorum. The garden is affiliated to many international associations in the scientific and social organization, including the International Council of Botanical Gardens (BGCI). Nowadays Batumi Botanical Garden has a Relationship Exchange with 278 Botanical Garden, Botanical Gardens, auxiliary nursery farm where many exotic plants are released for sale. The garden has a rich library of rich traditions. Recently, the creation of a unified electronic bank is constantly being renewed. It will provide you with comprehensive information and will help to develop and care for the garden. 
The Museum of Autonomous Republic of Adjara was established in 1908 under the leadership of Batumi Public Figures. The museum houses 180 thousand exhibits: YearXII - IX cc and VII - IV cc. Unique archaeological materials, collections, photographs, art works, museum's golden treasures are composed of more than 100 items. The manuscripts found in more than 2000 rare manuscripts in Georgian, Russian, Armenian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian and other languages are kept in museum library with 63000 books in various languages. There are many bibliographic rarities among them. Various exhibitions are being held in the museum, which makes the museum more diverse and attractive for visitors. 

Dolphinarium offers a spectacular view to the audience. There are up to 30 numbers: three dances, rings and balls, tail balancing, unforgettable Foot Push and many more impressive numbers. The Dolphinarium was opened in the coastal town in 1975. It is composed of pedestrian and small whale housing, dolphinarium amphitheater is divided into 4 sectors and is designed for 703 spectators. Those who wish to enjoy swimming or interact with dolphins in a separate pool (duration - 15 min). Exquisite popularity of dolphinarium has led to the establishment of Dolphin Batumi symbol.

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