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I m not sure though never tried since all really wanna see are shop keepers and blacksmiths those showing on the big map anyway xxlegionxx points years agoYou can toggle them off shopkeepers part list do up . Enter the cave and always keep to right until you find other end exit where Stregomir is. Monster nestMonster by Drowners [...] 1305

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Loot Bandits key from the leader corpse release Claywich merchant. Drink an Orca potion you could do without but the timing will be pretty tight and follow underwater path. If you don t have the appropriate quest for opening door am still not aware which one it is can jump over using nearby stones. Showing of comments Per page The Witcher Wild Hunt General Discussions Topic Details Date Posted Jun pmPosts Rules and Guidelines Report this REASON Note ONLY be used spam advertising problematic harassment fighting rude [...] 174

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Hooker Spit Soup View Profile Posts Jun am Originally posted by Panic Reload PopinOxy Also is the Royal palace location only inside castle and nothing more Still wandering Velen but seems like just that . Expect it to be a lot more prosperous than Velen. Turn left and climb up [...] 1211

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Cheers u ChangeTip send Poster points years agoYep already planned should have it done untamed CoolCriSyS wants to you Bitcoin for cookie bits . Witcher The Beast of Honorton inhabitants had problemone only could resolve. Walk up to signpost and use it open ingame map [...] 279

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One of the places is hidden inside Kaer Tolde castle access it fast travel and go down into cellar there weak wall that you call break open using Aard power behind . You guys think the near future that we will see more locations opening up one of expansions reveal complete new area. You can also get the golem again if revisit cave need heart for blizzard potion [...] 430

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You drop down a waterfall and can eventually swim out exit near the village. Guarded treasureGuarded by Gargoyle . what is Poster points years agoThe update out added an icon near top left hide sidebar for mobile users also some other miscellaneous CoolCriSyS agoJust checked it . This will grant you two important advantages have unlocked more sign posts that allow to travel faster and be high enough level defeat any enemies may spawn near the Magic Stones. length f null for div return gc var function if document s yle [...] 858


One of the corpses was carrying set notes. Starting point is the Lornruk sign post. This one a bit longer and could be trickier [...] 1129

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I just need to add another armourer icon next existing deleted point years agoYeah basically top of one they stand ImAzura agoVery nice came across issue. Next stop is Frischlow. Guarded treasureGuarded by Gargoyle [...]